The Jill Goss Centre is the home of the Avonde Calisthenics College. A purpose built venue to provide the best facilities for our performers to train and perfect their skills. The facilities provide the opportunity to bring the wider Avonde community together for club events, working bees and to celebrate the club and it’s people.

Studio Sponsors

Jill and David GossJo and Izzy BartonAggelis and LeNepveu FamiliesBreci-Rizzo Family
Arduca FamilyJohn and Anne CrewChiera and Parker FamiliesCaitlin and Emily Cosgriff
Johnson FamilyCurrie FamilyDraper and Willson FamiliesDebrincat and Hewet Families
Alice PorterAlannah EldebsRebecca and Taliah EastgateHann and Hodges Family
Reeves FamilyGould FamilyAisha GinnajHenare Family
Sarah FamilyHoldich FamilyJust, Leopold and Jenkins FamiliesInserra Family
Jacobson FamilySt Leon FamilyJenDi Creations
Maltaric FamilyStacey and Rhonda Kwiatkowski
Spooner FamilyLugowski Family
Supicic FamilyMcPherson Family
Jamie-Lee WelshMorris Family
Wilson FamilyHannah Nguyen
Bella and Sophie Pearce
Pigatto Family
Eve Prochazka
Ellie Webster
Sachi Wenas