Teams compete in up to 4 Calisthenics Victoria affiliated competitions which are held from July to October each year. These are often the highlight of the calisthenics season as they provide performers an opportunity to show off their skills and display their excellence in calisthenics


The Jill Goss Studios is the home of the Avonde Calisthenics College. A purpose built venue to provide the best facilities for our performers to train and perfect their skills. The facilities provide the opportunity to bring the wider Avonde community together for club events, working bees and to celebrate the club and it’s people.

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Welcome to Avonde Calisthenics College Inc.!

Established in 1965, Avonde Calisthenics College is one of Australia’s longest running elite clubs competing within the CaliChamp Division across all sections in Melbourne.

The club’s reputation in striving for excellence is regularly demonstrated throughout the year at state level competitions and by the number of club representatives (both coaches and performers) competing at the Victorian State Team level.

Avonde’s esteemed status is consolidated by the individual honours achieved by the club’s pupils, including the Royal South Street Society’s Most Graceful Girl title, Calisthenics most highly prized accolade.

Our club offers the chance for students to be involved in a sport that develops a variety of different skill sets such as dancing, singing, gymnastics & acting, also offering guidance on deportment and presentation skills.

The program that is taught is fun and energetic, with students being part of a club that promotes commitment, passion and teamwork.

We offer classes to all ages, from Tots to Masters, by a large team of fully qualified Coaches, Mentors and Specialists, who work together to give every pupil the opportunity to become the best calisthenics participants they can be.


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